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About Bombora

Bombora is the leading provider of demographic and intent data, providing business-to-business (B2B) marketing and sales teams with valuable and actionable insights on companies actively in the market for specific products or services. Bombora was founded in 2014 and has experienced tremendous growth. Today, the company works with some of the world’s most renowned brands including: IBM, Forbes, Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft.


The company outgrew its original accounting solution, QuickBooks, which couldn’t keep pace with the increasing demands of Bombora’s rapid growth, and its requirements for greater automation and control. The company needed a cloud-based solution to address its most pressing accounting challenges, including:

  • Achieving critical transparency and flexibility to view financial statements
  • Tracking and categorizing journal entries
  • Categorizing and monitoring expenses by departments
  • Cleaning up data on legacy software systems and accurately importing data
  • Testing and addressing known issues
  • Managing user permissions and segregation of duties


Bombora chose AcctTwo to implement Sage Intacct software based on the system’s robust reporting and workflow capabilities, prior success with an Sage Intacct implementation and the strength of the AcctTwo team. The new solution enables Bombora to significantly improve accounting processes and financial visibility, easily automate expense and revenue entries, and import data and integrate with other solutions, including its Salesforce CRM and Avatax systems.


Sage Intacct provided the most comprehensive solution to address the company’s accounting needs, Enabling Bombora to:

  • Gain visibility across its finances and operations to monitor its business in real time
  • Conduct flexible, transparent financial reporting and analysis using Sage Intacct’s Dimensions feature, which enables the company to segment finances by departments. Now, Bombora can easily measure key metrics (e.g., profitability, customer acquisition costs and budget variances), develop accurate trend reports and forecasts, and identify potential roadblocks and opportunities
  • Automate key expense and revenue entries to simplify and streamline accounting processes
  • Establish controls through segregation of duties and other administrative features

Note: This case study was originally posted as Leap the Pond, Leap the Pond was acquired by AcctTwo in December 2018. 

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“AcctTwo has helped us successfully move to a cloud-based Sage Intacct implementation and transition from manual data entry to simplify our accounting processes. Sage Intacct has had a profound effect and, as we continue to grow our business, we can rely on Sage Intacct to support our needs on an ongoing basis. The AcctTwo team advised us how to effectively utilize Sage Intacct to our maximum benefit. It was a real pleasure to work with a support team that was both amenable and patient throughout the process.”

- Nicholas Can, Bombora