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Valley Creek Church is a multi-location church in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area with four campuses and plans to launch four more campuses in the near future. The church has roughly 6,500 members in attendance each weekend. Valley Creek's membership is a cross section of people from the community - people on a journey with Jesus and with each other. The church welcomes people from a variety of backgrounds and a full spectrum of spiritual maturity.

We spoke with Todd Baden about his experience with AcctTwo at AcctTwo's 2019 Faith-Based Finance Collaborative conference in Frisco, TX.  Watch the video to hear more of Todd's insight.

Valley Creek has been on AcctTwo's platform for more than three years. The church made the switch from Shelby Systems v.5 financial management software. "AcctTwo has really taken our accounting and finance to a different level from what that program was able to provide," says Baden.

Previous Accounting Challenges

  • Valley Creek's legacy system (Shelby) was a limited accounting application and was unable to provide the more sophisticated management reports they require.
  • Dashboard reporting was manually created and very time consuming.
  • Data had to be consolidated from multiple sources.
  • Monthly processes and workflows were paper or email-based and very manually driven.
  • The finance team was unable to efficiently produce ministry reporting which inhibited church leadership’s decision-making capabilities.
  • Streamlining the delivery and content of the executive-level reports was necessary as the organization continues to grow and expand.

Benefits Realized With AcctTwo

  • AcctTwo simplifies the budgeting process both from creation to accountability.
  • The church can easily integrate their new system with their choice of other systems.
  • Their cloud accounting software is efficient and flexible which positions the church well for continued growth.
  • Valley Creek Church, with the help of AcctTwo, now has a system that runs efficiently and saves endless hours of unnecessary manual efforts.
  • With Sage Intacct, Valley Creek's Leadership team has real-time visibility into their financial and operational data through easy to read dashboard reports.
  • Church leaders can now focus more on the mission of the organization instead of being buried in transactional documentation.

Enterprise Software is No Longer Just for For-Profit Enterprises

Before joining the Valley Creek finance team, Baden worked for some large corporations in the for-profit world. Instead of being forced to use a legacy system designed for small churches, single entities, and with limited reporting capabilities, AcctTwo has allowed him to bring the same level of sophistication to his work at the church.

"I'm used to millions of lines of data to be able to slice and dice," says Baden. "And so, what's nice about AcctTwo's platform is I have that capability still. I can get anything that I want out of it."

This sophisticated reporting capability allows Baden and his team to tailor reports to the end-user, the consumer of that information. "We can pull reports customized for a worship pastor, for example, not the entire church. We can separate it by revenue and expense. The ability to customize is key for us."

Churches are Multi-Dimensional

Valley Creek Church's legacy system used a hard-coded structure for the church's chart of accounts. For example, to track 3 locations, 5 departments, and 5 funds, they'd need 75 account code combinations—and would end up with a complicated, unmanageable set of codes. Adding a new campus or department could potentially force the finance team to add hundreds of additional accounts. AcctTwo helped Valley Creek Church keep it simple. Baden's team only needs to manage their primary account codes. As the church grows and evolves, there’s no need to add hard-coded segment combinations.

Valley Creek learned to “tag” transactions as well as operational data, like attendance numbers, with dimension values. Tagging with dimensions, instead of assigning transactions to hard coded individual accounts, lets the church easily add context to the data. Once they create a dimension, they can use it for any transaction

"One of the things I really like is just the different dimensions that we're able to track by, whether that's fund or ministry," says Baden. "It lets us do anything that we need to from a reporting perspective. And so, I can tell worship, 'here's exactly what your reporting is' and I can make that simple for them and isolated for them."

Integrating with Other Systems

AcctTwo's ability to integrate with other church systems is crucial to Baden and his team at Valley Creek. They integrate with Fellowship One, their Church Management System (ChMS) via a flat file integration, but Baden's favorite system integration is with another longtime AcctTwo partner - the time and expense management solution provider, Nexonia

"[With Nexonia,] we're able to process hundreds, really thousands of transactions on a weekly and monthly basis that I don't have to touch outside of approving them," says Baden. "I can actually configure it and run it anytime I want it to interface with Sage Intacct. It saves us a ton of time. Honestly, it saves us headcount. We don't have to have a dedicated person to manage our credit cards."

The AcctTwo Difference

Valley Creek Church has benefitted from working with AcctTwo. AcctTwo brings deep industry expertise to the table, with roughly 200 church implementations of church accounting software and a dedicated staff of former church finance team members from accountants all the way up to CFO-level resources. 

Along with a team of experienced software implementers, AcctTwo also provides Managed Accounting Services, or outsourced accounting, for churches. This means that AcctTwo can provide customers like Valley Creek with consulting and best practices that go beyond just using and optimizing their accounting software. "They don't manage our services," says Baden, "but they have the resources to answer questions that are really less about the software and more about how we can better run our organization."

According to Baden, "...one of the best things about Sage Intacct is that we have this relationship with AcctTwo."

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"AcctTwo has the resources to answer questions that are really less about the software and more about how we can better run our organization."

- Todd Baden, Finance Director, Valley Creek Church

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