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WP SaaS Metrics

Are you getting the KPIs and insights you need to measure and improve CARR and CMRR growth?

Sadly, the vast majority of startups fail, and according to Deloitte, even fewer “scale up”—just about one in 200 grow to more than $10 million in revenue by their fifth year. Why do so many fail or fail to thrive? 

To get a clear understanding of where they stand and to be able to communicate that to potential investors, businesses must first identify what metrics they need—a feat in and of itself. The dynamic nature and rapid growth trajectory of SaaS and subscription businesses further complicates matters: the metrics a very early-stage startup needs may be quite different from what is needed in later stages.

In this white paper, we explore what metrics Early, Series A, and Series B startups should track; the challenges that come with relying on spreadsheets; and the solution: a purpose-built reporting and metrics tool that provides deep, granular insights.

Here are some highlights of this SaaS metrics White Paper:
  • Nine Key SaaS and Subscription Metrics to Understand Business Health
  • Attracting Investors: Key Financial Metrics for Every Stage of Growth from Early Stage to Series B and beyond.
  • How the Right Tools for SaaS Reporting Metrics Propel Growth and Attract Investors
  • Why Spreadsheets Are a Formula for Failure
  • How to Automate the Granular Insights to Propel Growth and Attract Investors
  • Case Study: Quest Analytics Automates Subscription Metric Tracking with SaaS Intelligence

About Chris Price

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Chris Price is the Head of SaaS Vertical for AcctTwo Shared Services, LLC. He is devoted to providing software and technology clients with system solutions to maximize process efficiencies and business insight. Chris has more than a decade of experience in business process redesign and employment of integrated business systems. He has assisted and advised numerous private and public companies in their adoption of ASC 606, streamlining subscription billing and revenue operations, financial and operational reporting, and generating insights into crucial SaaS metrics. As the Head of SaaS Vertical at AcctTwo, Chris manages the vertical solutions and strategy to help transform the finance function into a strategic business asset.

About AcctTwo

AcctTwo is focused on delivering the future of finance and accounting to our customers with three main solutions – Cloud-based Accounting Software, Finance-as-a-Service Managed Accounting Services, and Sage Intacct Customization, all built around Sage Intacct’s best-in-class financial applications. Our dedicated team of more than 100 people has helped more
than 1,000 organizations transform finance and accounting through software implementations, accounting outsourcing, and consulting. Specializing in the SaaS, Nonprofit, and Energy industries, AcctTwo has been honored by the Inc. 5000 four times, including the Inc. 5000 Regional: Texas list. AcctTwo is the Sage Intacct Partner of the Year seven years running, from 2014 – 2020, and recognized by customers as a leader in overall satisfaction and popularity through their reviews on

AcctTwo is headquartered in Houston, Texas. For more information about accounting software customization, please visit https://www.accttwo.com or call 713-744-8400.

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