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Production Associates (PA) is a live production and broadcast services company specializing in planning, executing and delivering events to audiences worldwide via broadcast, advanced media and in live environments. Over the last thirty years PA's production team has been involved in some of the most interesting Broadcast and Live Event projects ever accomplished. After a rigorous software evaluation, PA chose AcctTwo over other on-premises and cloud solutions as the best fit to meet the needs of the organization.

Previous Business Challenges

  • Production Associates has multiple entities, some outside the US. Different entities were using different systems for financials, making consolidation of financial information difficult.
  • The finance and accounting team did not have the level of visibility into each entity that they needed.
  • Inter-company transactions were difficult and required manual effort.
  • Vendor comparisons were difficult, and determining project profitability in different currencies was a challenge.

Benefits Realized With AcctTwo

  • AcctTwo's implemention has allowed Production Associates to move all of their financials from different systems for each entity into one system, with consolidated reporting and multi-entity consolidations.
  • New multi-currency capabilities simplify and streamline the finance and accounting team's processes.
    The management and leadership teams have real-time, automated reports across all entities, giving a much fuller picture from which to make strategic decisions.

Highlighted Comments from Production Associates' Founder & CEO

"Being on one platform has been a huge improvement for us," said Michael Thuney, Founder and CEO at Production Associates. "AcctTwo will allow us to integrate our financials with our own proprietary software and give us access to real-time information via easily customizable reports.

"As far as AcctTwo's implementation goes, I don’t see anything that could have been done better or more efficiently. Everything went like clockwork and as planned."


"Everything went like clockwork and as planned."

- Michael Thuney, Founder and CEO at Production Associates