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Are you getting the KPIs and insights you need to measure and improve growth at your SaaS and Subscription portcos?

Understanding the driving forces behind B2B (or B2B2C) SaaS and subscription-based business growth is both complex and critical, particularly in the early and growth stages. While recurring revenue is integral to long-term financial health, early- and growth-stage businesses may not yet understand the total cost of acquiring new customers, what it takes to keep them, or the impact of losing them.

There are, of course, financial metrics and private equity software solutions that can help bring this information to light, but there are often significant operational barriers in place that prevent both PEs and VCs, as well as the portco itself, from readily accessing this critical information.

The most significant benefit private equity and venture capital companies gain by implementing portfolio accounting software for capturing SaaS and subscription metrics across all relevant companies in their portfolios is the ability to drive portfolio-wide EBITA through better, more-informed strategic and tactical financial guidance. Armed with the right, real-time data, and the ability to drill into patterns and trends to understand the root causes, they can provide portfolio companies with the strategic and tactical guidance they need to be successful. 

In this white paper, we first explore how PEs and VCs with SaaS and subscription businesses in their portfolios face unique challenges in providing strategic financial guidance to these portcos, delving into how undeveloped financial practices and manual tracking methodologies result in delayed, inaccurate data. Then, we explain how PEs and VCs can leverage technology to overcome these challenges so you can jumpstart growth.

Here are some highlights of this Private Equity Software White Paper:
  • How Operationalizing the Collection and Analysis of Portfolio Company Metrics Adds Value and Drives ROI
  • How an Integrated Portfolio Accounting Software System, Purpose-Built for SaaS and Subscription
    Metrics, Can Drive Portfolio Growth
  • Key Financial Metrics PEs and VCs Should Track for Series A and B Portfolio Companies
  • Why Spreadsheets Are a Formula for Failure
  • How to Achieve Granular Insights in Real Time
  • Case Study: Software Company Automates Subscription Metrics Tracking

About Chris Price

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Chris Price is the Head of SaaS Vertical for AcctTwo Shared Services, LLC. He is devoted to providing software and technology clients with system solutions to maximize process efficiencies and business insight. Chris has more than a decade of experience in business process redesign and employment of integrated business systems. He has assisted and advised numerous private and public companies in their adoption of ASC 606, streamlining subscription billing and revenue operations, financial and operational reporting, and generating insights into crucial SaaS metrics. As the Head of SaaS Vertical at AcctTwo, Chris manages the vertical solutions and strategy to help transform the finance function into a strategic business asset.

About AcctTwo

AcctTwo Shared Services, LLC (AcctTwo) provides the people, processes, and technology to transform finance and accounting into a strategic asset. AcctTwo exists to remove the clutter of manual tasks and to provide clarity to finance and business leaders. AcctTwo primarily serves high-growth organizations in North America with a focus on Nonprofits, Software-as-a-Service, Home Services, and Energy companies. This focus is the result of years of experience serving finance and accounting leadership in these industries. AcctTwo was recently acquired by Baker Tilly and is headquartered in Houston, TX.

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