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MISSION-SUPPORT- AcctTwo Non-profit faith-based accounting software - sage intacct - leap the pond


Our mission is to foster collaboration among nonprofit organizations to share ideas, best practices and resources in the areas of finance, technology, administration and other functions that support the operations of nonprofits in pursuing their mission.

For years, AcctTwo’s Nonprofit Division has been working with Executive Directors, CFOs, Finance Directors, and Executive Pastors in not-for-profit and faith-based organizations to help them modernize their financial management software, automate manual processes, implement best practices, and provide better reporting and dashboards. This experience has enabled us to identify multiple technology partners, experiment to determine what works and what doesn’t, find ways to integrate these technologies so they work together, and spot emerging trends as technologies continue to evolve.

What we’ve found in this process is that nonprofits benefit most when they collaborate with each other to share their knowledge and experience. At AcctTwo, we don’t claim to have all the answers, and we learn as much from our clients as they do from us. There are some very smart innovators and thought leaders doing amazing things to help their organizations’ support functions do a better job of supporting their mission and be better stewards of their funds. We've created the Mission Support collaborative to build an environment where those in need of information or solutions can find these innovators and exchange information and ideas. No one wants to reinvent the wheel. And no one wants to miss out on some new technology or best practice that other nonprofits are benefiting from.

So, why participate in our community? Mission Support is a place for you to:

  • Collaborate on solutions and best practices.
  • Participate and share your experiences.
  • Stay Informed on the latest trends and industry news.
  • Network with like-minded people who have the same sense of purpose in achieving their missions.

Please fill out the sign-up form to join the community. You'll receive an email once your Mission Support community profile is ready!