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A New Standard For Nonprofits – Tracking Outputs And Outcomes

Measuring OutcomesThe status quo is changing in the nonprofit world, and the pandemic only picked up the pace. Every nonprofit, regardless of size, location, or mission, needs to be prepared for a future that looks drastically different than the past – and right now is the inflection point.

This eBook from AcctTwo will explore how and why nonprofits are evolving and what it takes to remain relevant. Our partnerships with diverse nonprofits and deep experience within the industry has made us aware of an emerging trend that we believe needs attention, followed by planning and preparation. This eBook is intended to be a call to action.

Today’s donors, grant managers, and institutional funders expect each dollar they invest in a nonprofit to go towards a productive purpose – and they want to see proof. Continued support depends on transparency and accountability from the nonprofit. They must highlight when, where, how, and why they’re using funds to further the mission. Hardest and most important of all: They need to show that it’s working.

In this eBook, you’ll read about important nonprofit finance trends and topics including:

  1. Outputs and Outcomes – The Pulse of Performance
  2. Are you Overlooking Under-Performance?
  3. Success: The Most Elusive Metric of All
  4. Measuring What Matters - How to Quantify Nonprofit Outcomes
  5. Putting Outcome Metrics Into Action With Nonprofit Dashboards
  6. A Universal Strategy to Meet New Nonprofit Standards

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