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Art of the Chart

Business Analysis

You might think setting up a Chart of Accounts is a standard, fairly straightforward process, but actually there is a lot of strategy that goes into it.

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How to Begin Your Search

Young businesswoman and a co-worker shaking hands during a meeting

Not all accounting software is created equal. For example, some are designed for small businesses, some are designed for specific industry segments.

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Art of the Chart for Nonprofits


You might think setting up a Chart of Accounts for a nonprofit is a standard, fairly straightforward process, but actually there is a lot of strategy that goes into it.

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Implementation Guide

Businesswoman giving explication in front of a growing chart on a whiteboard during a meeting

You’ve taken the time to carefully go through the selection process of your next accounting software and have made your decision! NOW it is finally time to start. 

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How to Maximize Stewardship

Happy friends gardening for the community on a sunny day

See how religious organizations use technology to embrace innovation to prepare for the future and accelerate their mission.

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