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Marketing Resource Center

Health Technology: VirMedica

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VirMedica was outgrowing QuickBooks. They were relying on Excel, which was causing their accounting processes to be cumbersome and prone to errors.

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Technology: RapidRatings

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RapidRatings was using Excel to manage their invoicing process, which led to avoidable errors, and end-of-the month bottlenecks.

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Biotech: Marinus


Like so many companies, Marinus chose to use QuickBooks at the outset. But as Marinus expanded operations, it needed a better solution.

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Technology: Continuity


Continuity’s rapid growth put pressure on the finance organization to keep up. Like so many companies, Continuity originally chose to use QuickBooks.

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Technology: Bombora


The company outgrew its original accounting solution, QuickBooks, which couldn’t keep pace with the increasing demands of Bombora’s rapid growth.

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Technology: SailPoint

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Like many companies before them, SailPoint quickly learned that success is both a blessing and a curse. The accounting department had relied on QuickBooks.

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Field Services: United Fire 


United Fire wanted to increase the level of customer service that their technicians provided by improving technology, and automating processes.

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Nursing Home: Preferred Care


As a new business, Preferred Care needed an accounting solution that could grow with their organization. They selected Sage Intacct.

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Research: HSG


Health Strategies Group was outgrowing its current accounting software, QuickBooks. They needed a better accounting solution.

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Field Services: Cingo


Cingo was outgrowing its current accounting solution, Sage 100/MAS 90. Not wanting to invest in an on-premise model, going to the cloud was a requirement.

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Technology: Agworld


Agworld was outgrowing Saasu, a small cloud-based accounting software solution, and looking at alternate options as their needs grew.

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Field Services: Tri State


As the business grew, Tri State outgrew the system they were using for both field services and accounting – Peachtree 2006 Premium Edition.

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Technology: ModSquad


Given the company’s growth, back in 2014, ModSquad found that its current accounting solution could no longer meet its needs.

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Finance: Crystal Financial


Crystal Financial utilized QuickBooks for its accounting and general ledger functions. Working in QuickBooks became cumbersome.

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Cambodian Children’s Fund was outgrowing its existing financial software. They were always running three weeks behind on their financials.

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NFP: Mission of Hope Haiti


Officially founded in 1998, MOH has since grown from a small mission located on a barren piece of land, to a fruitful organization.

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