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Nestled in the foothills of the Southern Rockies, Glorieta is a mountainous escape that is perfect for the casual camper, outdoor adventurer, or extreme sport enthusiast. While the climate and unbeatable activities draw many here, the experiences and relationships formed make the greatest impact. The programs are loaded with more than just fun: each is carefully tailored to inspire and transform lives towards a deeper relationship with Christ. Glorieta is part of the Camp Eagle Family of Camps, which was started by Camp Eagle in Texas and has recently expanded to include Black Diamond Camp in Washington. After a rigorous software evaluation, Glorieta chose AcctTwo over other on-premises and cloud solutions as the best nonprofit accounting software to meet the unique needs presented by the organization's ongoing expansion.

Previous Accounting Challenges

  • Glorieta's financial reports were time-consuming to prepare and could only be presented in static formats.
  • Managing fixed assets was a manual process that had to be done outside the accounting system.
  • Management did not have enough access to relevant data or the ability to do comparative analysis.
  • As the camp adds locations and entities, their legacy accounting system would not be able to scale to match that growth.

Benefits Realized With AcctTwo

  • Glorieta staff enjoy real-time access to their financial information, from anywhere with Internet access. 
  • With electronic workflows and approvals, they've streamlined manually driven processes which save them time.
  • They now have the ability to consolidate and report across multiple entities in minutes.
  • The granularity of AcctTwo's dimensional reporting allows the finance team to provide reports to the board that once required a great deal of manual effort, or were unavailable with their old system.

Highlighted Comments from Glorieta's Director of Finance and Administration

"The ability to report on dimensions is huge for us," said Jeff Ward, Director of Finance and Administration with Glorieta. "I see a lot of benefits with AcctTwo. I love having the ability to see multiple entities in a single report, and the ability to implement remote check approvals has been a real time saver.

There have been multiple times I've run into something and said, 'I’m so glad we moved to AcctTwo.'"


"There have been multiple times I've run into something and said, 'I’m so glad we moved to AcctTwo." 

- Jeff Ward, Glorieta