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It's not just a job, it's a calling

For executive leadership at Mission Organizations, success or failure impacts lives.


    Servant Leadership

    Executive leaders in nonprofit Mission Organizations are not motivated by any personal financial gain but are there for the mission. You are “called” to the ministry. This calling brings you to the organization, and the mission is what keeps you there. The mission is everything and it's the focus of most of the organization's resources, both financial and staffing. Most leaders subscribe to “servant leadership,” where they are servants first.

    Mission Organizations Have Unique Challenges

    At AcctTwo, we understand servant leadership and we care about the success of your mission and the communities you serve. We know that executive leadership and back-offices at Mission Organizations have unique challenges, and we have the experience and the tools to help you overcome those challenges.

    Is your current technology dragging you down?

    • Systems like QuickBooks and BlackBaud's Financial Edge don't allow for granularity in the financial data.
    • Spreadsheets play a heavy role in reporting, leading to errors and manual reporting.
    • Managing restricted funds is a huge challenge - your program developers need the flexibility to design programs that resonate with your donors, but your financial management system can't keep up.
    • You need dimensionality in your financial data to properly track multiple programs, projects, missions, ministries, locations, and funds.

    Are you struggling to make good decisions? To manage spending against your budget?

    • It's challenging to make good decisions without high-quality, real-time, complete data.
    • The ability to develop, communicate, and report on budgets and actual performance against those budgets is key.
    • You need a Spend Management tool to ensure that funds achieve the greatest impact, while staying in budget compliance and maintaining accountability.

    Is your workforce distributed? Do you have operations overseas?

    • If you have multiple legal entities and even foreign currency requirements, you're probably drowing in spreadsheets.
    • You might even have the need to report both GAAP and IFRS.
    • You need a multi-book, multi-ledger, multi-dimensional accounting system.
    • Your mission is not behind a desk at your office.  Whether you're travelling the country or the globe as a missionary or a project manager, or you have accounting staff in multiple locations, don't let your accounting system chain you to a desk or leave you flying blind. 
    • Your system should have anywhere anytime access whether you're in the U.S. or Ghana - on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.