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Cornerstone Ministries is a vibrant, dynamic, contemporary, and growing non-denominational church located just outside of Pittsburgh. Led by Senior Pastor Dr. Donn S. Chapman, Cornerstone is a church that not only talks about loving God and people, but strives to live it out every day. After a rigorous software evaluation, the church chose Sage Intacct over other on-premises and cloud solutions as the best fit to meet the needs of the organization.

Previous Business Challenges

Cornerstone Ministries had been using Logos for the past 17 years for financial management. The system had become cumbersome and is no longer supported by the vendor. It is based on outdated technology, has limited reporting capabilities, and does not include dashboards or any budgeting capabilities.

Reasons for Selecting Sage Intacct and AcctTwo

The benefits of moving to the Sage Intacct platform include the elimination of many manual and error-prone processes across multiple areas, improving accuracy and efficiency. Cornerstone Ministries will be able to keep pace with changing reporting requirements and have the flexibility to add or change processes as the ministry grows and changes.

Highlighted Comments from Cornerstone's Finance Manager

On choosing Sage Intacct:

"We hadn’t updated our accounting system in 17 years, so we were in need of an update," says Cindy Gwynn, Finance Manager at Cornerstone Ministries. "We are on the small end of a megachurch, with a weekly attendance of about 2000 , so we knew we needed something to grow with. Functionality was the biggest key for me."

On working with AcctTwo:

"The AcctTwo team was excellent," continues Gwynn. "We really appreciated Lynda Reich, AcctTwo's lead implementer, during the project. Her nonprofit background was great and her church background was incredibly helpful. There is a big difference between church and nonprofit, and she knew it. Without having someone with that church background, we would be in a very different spot. Even things like renaming dimensions, she knew about our funds and was talking our lingo. I wouldn’t have wanted to do this without someone who had AcctTwo's church background."

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"I wouldn’t have wanted to do this without someone who had AcctTwo's church background."

- Cindy Gwynn, Cornerstone Ministries