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Continuity, through its RegAdvisorPro solution, helps financial institutions of all sizes maintain compliance with constantly changing regulations. By combining regulatory expertise and cloud technology, Continuity provides a proven way to reduce regulatory burden and mitigate compliance risk. And the demand for Continuity’s solution is high. Today, Continuity serves hundreds of institutions across 40 states and in 2015 was recognized for being the fastest growing technology company in Connecticut.

Previous Business Challenges

Continuity’s rapid growth put pressure on the finance organization to keep up. Like so many companies, Continuity originally chose to use QuickBooks and was forced to rely on spreadsheets to maintain complicated revenue recognition schedules for multi-entity arrangements and to deliver management and investors typical SaaS metrics like CMRR, CAC, and churn.

When Alan Hurwitz joined Continuity, he recognized the importance of putting in place the accounting infrastructure to support the company’s growth and at the same time offer a compelling value proposition (i.e. measurable ROI.) His auditing firm, Fiondella, Milone & LaSaracina, recommended that he talk to AcctTwo. After Alan reviewed all his options, he decided that AcctTwo was the best fit – from both a functionality and cost standpoint.

Benefits Realized With AcctTwo

Continuity moved forward with AcctTwo to implement Sage Intacct’s Core Financials and Advanced Revenue Management modules. Now, Continuity no longer relies on Excel spreadsheets to track revenue recognition schedules and no longer is required to perform time-consuming, manual journal entries all while giving real-time access to critical information.

The result: AcctTwo’s financial ERP solution delivered a 100% ROI and six-month payback. The next step will be to integrate Sage Intacct with Salesforce, ADP, and Expensify. This will drive even greater ROI for Continuity.

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“Being the CFO of a growth stage company is immensely rewarding. It’s great fun to support the entire Continuity team in finding new and innovative ways to build value for our clients and profitability for our investors. For me, one such innovation was bringing AcctTwo on board to put in place the infrastructure to support this growth. AcctTwo’s financial ERP solution delivered a 100% ROI and six-month payback.”

- Alan Hurwitz, Continuity