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A&F Exports is a poultry trading company that provides traders with a system through which orders can be placed and shipped. After a rigorous software evaluation, A&F chose Sage Intacct as the best accounting system as well as the best platform on which to build their unique trading application.

Previous Business Challenges

  • A&F's legacy system forced the company to manage complex trades in manual spreadsheets and documents.
  • The company found it difficult to manage all aspects of a trade, including a complete picture of trade costs.
  • Providing traders with accurate commission calculations was labor intensive and required error-prone manual processes.
  • The legacy system could not provide adequate reporting on trade information and did not support dimensional reporting based on products, offices, and trades.

Reasons for Selecting AcctTwo & Sage Intacct

  • A&F Exports and its traders needed a system where they could manage all aspects of their trade from a single location, and view all components of a trade summarized together on a clear dashboard.
  • Building the new trading system entirely on the Sage Intacct platform provides the accounting department with seamless access to trading information.
  • Sage Intacct’s superior reporting capabilities allows the company to run powerful reports and analytics on both financial and non-financial data.

Sage Intacct Platform Allows Customization and Extensibility

Thanks to AcctTwo's development expertise on the Sage Intacct Platform, a development environment that allows customers and partners to extend Sage Intacct by creating custom fields, objects, and applications, AcctTwo was able to build a complete custom trading application to meet A&F's specifications and business needs.

"The fact that the AcctTwo team was able to build a fully functioning trading application on the Sage Intacct Platform - seamlessly integrating it with Sage Intacct's core accounting system - highlights the power and extensibility of Sage Intacct," said Marcus Wagner, Founder and CEO of AcctTwo. "Companies no longer have to settle for line-of-business applications that are not integrated with the accounting system, or operational systems that can't be tailored to meet very specific requirements to create competitive advantage."

Highlighted Comments from A&F Exports VP and Corporate Controller

“Real-time access to trade information and commissions is priceless to us, and we've been able to achieve that and more with Sage Intacct,” said Angela Southerland, VP and Corporate Controller at A&F Exports, Inc. “AcctTwo was able to understand our complex requirements and deliver a solution with Sage Intacct that meets those requirements.”

Return on Investment

  • Payback Period of 5 Months
  • First Year Net Benefit – $191,695
  • Three Year Net Benefit – $575,084


“Real-time access to trade information and commissions is priceless to us, and we've been able to achieve that and more with Sage Intacct."

- Angela Southerland, Vice President and Corporate Controller for A&F Exports, Inc.