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The 2019 Missio Nexus Conference promises to provide a wealth of experiences and benefits for church mission leaders.

What does our future hold? How do we react to the changes and challenges of the future? How do we create the future?

Join AcctTwo at the annual Mission Leaders Conference as we wrestle with the rapid pace of change and its fallout. This year’s theme, Future Mission, is a challenging look at the future of missions and the Great Commission.


Meet the AcctTwo team!

Chris Grady:

Chris Grady AcctTwo HeadshotChris is passionate about helping churches achieve success by transforming Finance & Accounting into a growth enabler & change agent.

Be it a cloud-based software solution, or outsourcing performed by AcctTwo's Managed Accounting Services team, Chris is dedicated to our customers' organizational longevity and their full realization of mission & vision.

As a youth pastor and former Christian non-profit fundraiser, Chris is eager to share this extraordinary platform. It allows churches and mission organizations to be more efficient, productive and strategic as they focus upon their Kingdom work.



Alyssa Nunez:

Alyssa N AcctTwoAs AcctTwo's Sales Development Representative, Alyssa is focused on faith-based nonprofit organizations. She works closely with missions, churches, and Christian camps.

Alyssa guides finance leaders into the future of finance and accounting with cloud-based software, outsourced accounting, and technical consulting solutions.

Alyssa is from Houston, TX. She graduated with a double major in Marketing and Management from Sam Houston State University.  

Missio Nexus 2019

Not going to Missio Nexus?

If you're not going to make it to the event this year, don't worry - - - we have you covered! We'll be recapping the event and our key takeaways. Sign up to get our Missio Nexus blog!