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Wave Church is based in Virginia Beach, NC, but has eight separate campuses: five in Virginia, two in North Carolina, and one in Los Angeles. Because of its impact and influence on the lives of people in the Hampton Roads, NC community, Wave Church has grown to become an example of discipleship, leadership, and relationship for the nation and the world. After a rigorous software evaluation, Wave Church chose Sage Intacct over other on-premises and cloud solutions as the best fit to meet the needs of the organization.

Previous Business Challenges

  • Wave Church's legacy accounting software was slow and missing many core accounting features.
  • The system wasn't intuitive and its inability to integrate with other systems meant the finance team had to do a great deal of work in Excel.
  • With multiple locations and ministries, Wave Church struggled to get the kind of reporting and visibility they needed by location, ministry, and department.

Reasons for Selecting Sage Intacct and AcctTwo

  • Sage Intacct provides Wave Church's accounting staff with a faster, more intuitive system.
  • Sage Intacct will give the church's leaders real-time access to the data they need in order to make informed decisions via automated reports and dashboards.
  • Sage Intacct's dimensionality is a good fit for the church's ministries and departments.
  • Sage Intacct Collaborate will be a valuable tool in Wave Church's purchasing workflows.
  • With Sage Intacct, Wave Church has a sophisticated accounting system that will be supported for years to come.

Highlighted Comments from Wave Church's General Manager

"The implementation went smoothly and we're very satisfied with the success of the project," said Josh Kicker, Senior Associate Pastor and General Manager at Wave Church. "The AcctTwo team's speed and response time went beyond our expectations. With Sage Intacct, we now have a much more comprehensive view of our data."


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"With Sage Intacct, we now have a much more comprehensive view of our data."

- Josh Kicker, Wave Church