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As an organization following Jesus Christ, Mission of Hope Haiti touches thousands of lives daily in Haiti through the Church of Hope, School of Hope, Hope House Orphanage, Hospital / Clinic of Hope, Disaster Early Warning and Disaster Relief. Mission of Hope Haiti is a multi-entity nonprofit with offices in Haiti and the U.S. The organization operates several different programs, including church advancement, healthcare, and orphan care ministries. They've experienced rapid growth in the last 6 years. After a rigorous software evaluation, Mission of Hope Haiti chose AcctTwo to guide them to an automated solution as the best fit to meet the needs of the organization.

Previous Business Challenges

  • Streamlined management reports were necessary as the organization continued to grow and expand its boundaries.
  • The organization's processes were not scalable for the growth of its operations.
  • Managing cash flow and projections based on separate funds and initiatives was and is vital. 
  • Cash reports previously done in Excel left room for error.
  • Team leads overseas needed insight into their expenses and overall financial status.
  • Flexibility in financial reporting was imperative to manage the mission.
  • The lack of automation and integration between the various systems resulted in a number of manual process, which were inefficient and error prone.

Benefits Realized With AcctTwo:

  • Enabled leaders to focus more on the mission of the organization instead of being buried in transactional documentation.
  • Automated report distribution with key metrics on user-specific dashboards.
  • Simplified budgeting process from creation to accountability. 
  • Created critical visibility for Mission of Hope Haiti's management team. They can now see operational statistics alongside financial metrics.
  • Tailored, customizable Dashboards for each program leader in just a few clicks.
  • Consolidated the organization's multiple entities and global operations in multiple currencies.



With AcctTwo, we will be able to scale our operations and grow.

- Cory Dahm, Controller, Mission of Hope Haiti