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East Texas Salt Water Disposal Company (ETSWD) began operations in Kilgore, TX in 1941. The company disposes of salt water produced from the Woodbine formation in East Texas, and currently has more than 100 disposal wells. After a rigorous software evaluation, ETSWD chose AcctTwo over NetSuite as the better fit for the company's business needs.

Previous Accounting Challenges

  • ETSWD's internal servers running Microsoft Dynamics GP required substantial monthly fees for maintenance and report development.
  • The finance department was forced to use Excel to generate the reports they needed.
  • Modifications to the Dynamics GP system were costly and time-consuming.
  • The company predicts the need for integration with other systems.

Benefits Realized With AcctTwo

  • Implementing cloud ERP will provide ETSWD with the reporting capabilities the company needs.
  • The company will be able to automate needed workflows for better internal controls.
  • The company can more easily scale as it grows, allowing ETSWD to quickly integrate with other systems in the future.
  • AcctTwo built ETSWD's custom financial reporting, whereas Dynamics GP required the purchase of additional reporting services.
  • ETSWD now has a true, multi-tenant, cloud-based accounting solution, a feature not available with Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Built-in reporting and workflow capabilities are a better fit and are more configurable than NetSuite's.

Highlighted Comments from East Texas Salt Water Disposal's Treasurer

“We really wanted to reduce our IT costs and take advantage of AcctTwo's powerful reporting and flexible workflows,” said Carter Matthews, Treasurer at East Texas Salt Water Disposal. “The implementation was painless, and with AcctTwo's help, we were able to go live a month early!"

  • Payback Period of 7 Months
  • Year One Net Benefit - $45,539
  • Three Year Net Benefit - $136,616

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“The implementation was painless, and with AcctTwo's help, we were able to go live a month early!"

-Carter Matthews, Treasurer, ETSWD