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Formerly Phoenix First Assembly, Dream City Church is nestled within the Shadow Mountain Preserve, shining God’s light and impacting a city. With a full-time staff of 70, including 12 pastors, Dream City Church is one of the most active and fruitful churches in the Phoenix metropolitan area. After a rigorous evaluation, the church chose AcctTwo over other on-premises and cloud solutions as the best fit to meet the needs of the organization.

Previous Accounting Challenges

  • Dream City Church has 4 campuses, 6 entities, roughly $10 million in revenue, and 70 full-time employees. Managing financial reporting for a growing church with such complex operations was difficult using their legacy software, Blackbaud Financial Edge.
  • Multi-entity consolidation was difficult to do in Blackbaud, and the finance team resorted to exporting the data to a separate report writer to manage consolidations.
  • The finance team struggled with limited reporting capabilities.

Benefits Realized With AcctTwo

  • Sage Intacct provides Dream City Church with the powerful multi-entity consolidation features the church needs.
  • Sage Intacct has the ability to integrate with other current and future business systems via powerful and flexible APIs.
  • As Sage Intacct's Partner of the Year for four years running, AcctTwo has a dedicated Faith-Based and Not-for-Profit consulting team that has led more than 100 implementations of Sage Intacct for churches and other nonprofit organizations.

Highlighted Comments from Dream City's Director of Accounting

"AcctTwo's implementation team was amazing. There were plenty of times where we would feel lost and they'd keep us on track. AcctTwo was phenomenal. They went above and beyond. We really like the reporting compared to our old system which required a great deal of work in Excel," said Linda Gray, Director of Accounting at Dream City Church. "We have multiple entities and couldn’t get combined financials in our old system."

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"AcctTwo's implementation team was amazing. They went above and beyond."

- Linda Gray, Dream City Church