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A Jesus Church Family is a church organization in the Portland, OR area experiencing tremendous growth. The organization is comprised of 3 locations, with two more planned in the near future. A Jesus Church doesn’t view church as just a building or a weekend activity, but a people. They strive to live out the Gospel in their different communities throughout the week, and then gather each weekend as a collection of Missional Communities. After a rigorous software evaluation, A Jesus Church Family chose Sage Intacct over other on-premises and cloud solutions as the best fit to meet the unique needs presented by the organization's ongoing expansion.

Previous Business Challenges

  • Tracking data and generating reports with their legacy software required a great deal of manual work in Excel.
  • The finance team could not calculate average giving by location or provide the appropriate statistical information.
  • The lack of accessibility to data for key leaders was a detriment to making mission-critical decisions.
  • Data was not available in real-time.
  • Analytics and budgeting were difficult and error-prone.

Reasons for Selecting Sage Intacct and AcctTwo

  • Sage Intacct provides A Jesus Church Family's finance staff the ability to connect the accounting system to other systems via API or imports.
  • The church back office can take advantage of streamlined processes and automation – saving time.
  • Sage Intacct provides all users with anytime access and visibility via a web browser.
  • Sage Intacct has a robust general ledger that is multi-dimensional.
  • The finance team as well as church leaders can access real time reports and dashboards to view key metrics.

Highlighted Comments from A Jesus Church Family's Accounting Manager

"With Sage Intacct, we're so happy that we're no longer tied to certain Windows machines - we can work anywhere and on any device," said Jason Hall, Accounting Manager at A Jesus Church Family. "Sage Intacct's dimensions are invaluable, allowing us to provide better information to our leadership about restricted funds, ministries and locations. AcctTwo brought impressive church knowledge and team investment to the project, making it a great success."


"AcctTwo brought impressive church knowledge and team investment to the project."

- Jason Hall, A Jesus Church Family