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First Baptist Garland, a church in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. First Baptist Garland was founded March 8, 1868 as Antioch Baptist Church and met in a schoolhouse. Today, the church has grown to roughly 50 full-time employees and a weekly attendance of more than 1500. After a rigorous software evaluation, First Baptist Garland chose Sage Intacct over other on-premises and cloud solutions as the best fit to meet the needs of the organization.

Previous Business Challenges

  • The church was running an outdated legacy system for financial management and struggled with the fact that it was not a cloud product and provided limited access to team members.
  • They were on an old version of that system, and it was no longer supported. The church wanted to avoid upgrading or installing another on-premises system only to find themselves in the same situation a few years down the road.
  • Fist Baptist Garland's finance staff struggled to generate the reports that church and ministry leaders needed.
  • They wanted financial management software that could easily integrate with other church business systems, eliminating the data entry and spreadsheet manipulation.

Reasons for Selecting Sage Intacct and AcctTwo

  • As the church was looking at installing a new church management system (ChMS), they spoke with First Baptist Frisco, an AcctTwo and Sage Intacct evangelist, and learned about Sage Intacct for their accounting needs.
  • First Baptist Garland saw the benefits of automated, custom, real-time reports for their leadership to see a more relevant view of church initiatives.
  • Sage Intacct's integration capabilities give the church the option to connect to other systems, reduce manual data entry, and integrate financial and operational information to provide them with metrics and insights that would have required a great deal of manual work in Excel with their old accounting system.

Highlighted Comments from First Baptist Garland's Business Administrator

 "I think the whole implementation process exceeded my expectations," says Jerry Birdwell, Business Administrator at First Baptist Garland. "I really haven’t been through anything quite like this before, but the other similar experiences were just so different: we were just given a manual and a checklist and told ‘good luck’ and I didn’t really expect the level of teaching and coaching that we got from AcctTwo. I would have been in trouble without it. I can’t imagine not having that assistance. I now understand why there is a clause in their statement of work that makes me sign something that says I can’t hire AcctTwo people!"


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"I now understand why there is a clause in their statement of work that makes me sign something that says I can’t hire AcctTwo people!"

- Jerry Birdwell, Business Administrator